Olympus e-10 Digital SLR

Photograph of the Olympus e-10 Digital SLR camera Copyright 2001 Bo Lorentzen

OK, time to rebuild, I had a big Olympus e-10 SLR QTVR movie right here on the front page, but realize that people are a little unprepared for a 350k download when entering a webpage... Soo, I have moved it down one layer to this page.

QTVR of the Olympus e-10 & animation of the battery compartment

Leonid Meteor Shower captured with E-10
Panorama photography with handheld camera

E-20 What does it mean to you..?
Olympus Introduces the next "E-10" The E-20P with 5 mega pixels.
Action Photgraphy with the E-10
The E-10 is totally capable of competent action photography, the important thing is to keep the cameras features and limitations in mind.

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