Infrared Photography

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Some of my latest IR images from Joshua Tree National Park in California.

On these pages You will find infrared images captured with a Olympus e-10 Digital SLR. The e-10 is able to create some really cool images using IR filters, however it is not able to do "thermal imaging" such as "Real" Infrared imaging.

To capture stunning images using the Olympus e-10 camera, it is worth keeping a few things in mind, you are going to need a lot of light, typically I use a exposure of f.8 at 8 sec in bright sun... The strongest "IR Look" is found when shooting trees with blue sky behind them while having the sun behind you, this will create the dark sky and bright foilage.

Jeff's REAL Infrared Images
This is not "Near Visible Light" but true thermal imaging, hold onto your hat and glasses for this one. I love the image of the foot prints on the floor.

What it really looked like in visible light colors.

IR photo of the Los Angeles Skyline photographed Feb 4th 2001 by Bo Lorentzen

Shots taken in Griffith park in the afternoon, sun is about the set to the right over Santa Monica.
The image was captured with Hoya R72, the original image was redish, I converted it to LAB mode
Then in LAB mode turned off the SAT to create a B&W image, finally adjusted the levels to make
the image more contrasty that the original capture file. (The original had all its data in the center of
of the histogram.) After scaling the image I converted it back to RGB. If you check the histogram
you will notice that the image have a nice and smooth histogram rather than a sawtooth.

Color Infrared IR Photography,  captured with a Olympus e-10 Digital SAL by Bo Lorentzen, copyright 2001 all rights reserved.

Soo, who needs drugs when you can have Photoshop... It is both safer and cheaper...
Here I have sanwiched a IR image with a regular color image, there turnsout to be a few little
Issues to deal with, such as the IR image being rendered on the chip in a different size compared
to the visible light color image... Nothing which can not be dealt with in Photoshop.
Man Color IR photography really gets the fantasy working overtime... Are we having fun yet..?

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