Canon G7 series & Spherical Fisheyes

The Canon G7 fit nicely behind the Nikon FC-E9 spherical fisheye lens, you can easily photograph spherical panoramas with the Canon G7 using 2 or 3 pictures. the resolution enable you to create stitch up to about 7100x3550 pixels straight out of PT-gui - The FC-E9 is a highly recomended combination with the G7 camera. Note that you will also need LA-DC58H lens adaptor for the camera and a step up ring from 46mm to 58mm to attach the FC-E9 to the lens adaptor.

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Spherical Panorama brackets avialable for these popular lenses.

- SIGMA 8mm

- Nikon 10.5mm
- Nikon FC-E8
- Nikon FC-E9

- RAYNOX 180pro
- RAYNOX 185pro










Grip for Canon Pro1 Camera

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