Spherical Panorama Bracket
for Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye
Laser cut from Natural Wood

Nikon 10.5mm mounted for spherical panoramas
This is serial number 001 - just finished, a bit dirty but works great.

NEW - October 8th 2005
When enough people ask, clearly one should respond, so I spend Saturday with a borrowed Nikon 10.5mm to make a perfect bracket for it. After messing around a bit I did settle on the main space after the focusing ring. including the new screw and vingnut design for assembling the pieces.

The Nikon 10.5mm bracket weigh about 110 grams, its a perfect bracket for both every day work, backpacking and hiking..

Note: the shipping brackets are nice and clean...! (unlike the pictures of the prototype shown above)

Here is a couple of images showing the instalation of one of the first 10.5mm Nikon brackets.

  • It seems there is more to this lens than what meets the eye, when I rotated it diagonally suddenly I could see the base of the bracket in the picture, and a quick test suggest that taking 8 pictures would comfortably create a panorama with very close to 180 degrees of vertical FOV. My guess is that if you stick the lens on a full fame dSLR and removed the plastic lens shade, you would have 180 deg vertical FOV in 3-4 shots around.. I have not tried, drop me a email if you know anything about this. I would like to post as much information as possible on this lens.

  • Instead of a large rotator I am using a Bogen extension which rotates smoothly and have no practical footprint in the picture, I removed the head from the tripod and mount the Bogen extension directly to the center screw of the tripod, the result is a very small footprint, which I find mostly can easily be retouched with the cloning tool in Photoshop.
    Manfrotto product # 259B - Bogen code (USA only): 3007X
    Cost is app $20 at places like Samy's in LA and B&H Photo.

  • Samy's Catalog for the Manfrotto extension tube.

  • INSTALATION instructions

    Availability - IN STOCK.
    You can place a order today via PayPal to my email -price is $125 + $15 shipping in the USA - international shipping is $30.

    Domestic in the USA total price including shipping is $140.-
    International shipping total price including shipping is $155.-


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Jook's modified BoPod

Laser cutting of the pieced for the SIGMA 8mm spherical fisheye panorama bracket

Nikon 10.5mm bracket pieces being cut on the laser, because of the accuracy of the laser it is possible to create a very accurate spherical panorama bracket from high grade model aircraft birch plywood, which is a uncommonly dense and solid wood.

SIGMA 8mm lens bracket
Now available bracket for
Sigma 8mm lens,
More Information

lens bracket

Just started working on a bracket for the Raynox DCR-FE180PRO fisheye lens, More Information

updated May 11th 2009