Spherical Panorama Bracket
for SIGMA 8mm Fisheye
Laser cut from Natural Wood

Early prototype for the SIGMA 8mm fisheye lens - Ithe nodal point were not practical because the bracket got in the way of the flash on the cameras - leading to the change seen in SIGMA 8mm bracket version 2 to the right.
Prototype version 1
Laser Cut lens holder for Sigma 8mm fisheye lenses - pocket size pano bracket for easy spherical panorama photography - picture of prototype version 2
Prototype version 2

NEW - Feb 2 2007 Some of you have been asking about the new SIGMA 8mm f 3.5 EX DG. Both lenses are supported, however they are not identical, so it is critical that you let me know what lens you have when you place your order so you get the correct foot-plate.!

SIGMA 8mm f. 3.5 - LONG footplate
SIGMA 8mm f. 4.0 - SHORT footplate

NEW - June 29th 2005 Just finished making prototype number 2 for SIGMA 8mm fisheye lens, I learned a lot from playing with it, version 2 is now being tested. the design is my nicest so far including the new screw and vingnut design for assembling the pieces. Prototype number 2 is about 110 grams and fold perfectly flat, the base fits inside the ring, this bracket will fit in your pocket..

The original Sigma 8mm was made for my friend Roger Howard,
click to see what he says about the bracket.

Bo's notes:

  • Instead of a large rotator I am using a Bogen extension which rotates smoothly and have no practical footprint in the picture, I removed the head from the tripod and mount the Bogen extension directly to the center screw of the tripod, the result is a very small footprint, which I find mostly can easily be retouched with the cloning tool in Photoshop.
    Manfrotto product # 259B - Bogen code (USA only): 3007X
    Cost is app $20 at places like Samy's in LA and B&H Photo.

  • Samy's Catalog

Availability - email me, This is a more rare lens, and I'm making this bracket up on demand. You can place a order today via PayPal to my email -price is $125 + $15 shipping in the USA - international shipping is $30.
Domestic in the USA total price including shipping is $140.-
International shipping total price including shipping is $155.-


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Laser cutting of the pieced for the SIGMA 8mm spherical fisheye panorama bracket

Sigma 8mm prototype bracket pieces being cut on the laser, because of the accuracy of the laser it is possible to create a very accurate spherical panorama bracket from high grade model aircraft birch plywood, which is a uncommonly dense and solid wood.

Location in the LA River

Nikon 10.5 mm
lens bracket
Now available bracket for
the Nikon 10.5mm lens,
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