Leica Digilux 3 & Fullframe Fisheye

I had to try... and it works.

Leica Digilux 3 camera with Olympus8mm fullframe digital fisheye lens, mounted diagonally in a tbopod bracket for spherical panorama photography.

The short version - IT WORKS..!

The long version - the Olympus 8mm fullframe fisheye covers about 180 degrees "diagonally" from corner to corner. soo since I like to shoot spherical panoramas, I promptly turned the camera on edge and diagonally. first by hand and later using a prototype bracket. You can see a couple done this way on my pano-page the cattle panorama from Dallas was shot hand-held using a philo-pod and the cactus was shot with the bracket prototype. I am working on version 2 of the prototype if you are interested send me a email.

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Spherical Panorama brackets avialable for these popular lenses.

- SIGMA 8mm

- Nikon 10.5mm
- Nikon FC-E8
- Nikon FC-E9

- RAYNOX 180pro
- RAYNOX 185pro










Grip for Canon Pro1 Camera

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