Installing the Nikon 10.5mm bracket

NEW - 2006-01-30
Fat Chai in Hongkong send me a few pictures showing the instalation of the 10.5mm bracket

Notice - the front part of the thick metal behind the focusing ring and the front part of the bracket should be ligned up.

After installing the lens make sure its straight by sighting the lines of the lens with the flat material of the bracket.

Fat Chai's 10.5mm Nikor correctly installed in the bracket.



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Laser cutting of the pieced for the SIGMA 8mm spherical fisheye panorama bracket

Nikon 10.5mm bracket pieces being cut on the laser, because of the accuracy of the laser it is possible to create a very accurate spherical panorama bracket from high grade model aircraft birch plywood, which is a uncommonly dense and solid wood.

Location in the LA River

SIGMA 8mm lens bracket
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