Panorama from Nui Bay in Thailand

  The final result, I used PhotoVista to stich the images from my Sony F505 camera
Click here to play the Panorama using MGI's Java Applet
This Panorama was captured using my Sony F505 digital Camera with a wide angle adapter, while it was a little tricky to get the exposures to be the same all the way, the camera actually worked very well. Final post produced file is app 50meg
  Later I stitched it in PhotoVista, after having corrected the files for the RGB distortion which tends to happen when you use a wide angle on a Digital camera, in this case I "transformed" the blue and red channel to match the scaling of the green.... The sky was a separate exposure, I created a mask of the blue channel to drop in the sky...
"I love Photoshop"

Naturally, other than GREAT prints. Such panoramic images really works well for internet VR also. You should take a moment to visit my VR photography page to see samples of the VR images I have created for some of my clients.


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