Bo Lorentzen, professional interactive VR photographer

New VR for San Francisco Musicbox Company
Animated Toy Chest 9 frames with sound app. QTVR - JAVA
Neptune Carousel 18 frames with sound app. QTVR - JAVA
Hummingbird 20 frames with sound app. QTVR - JAVA

Panorama from Beautiful NuiBay Thailand. JAVA
Virtual Tour of Harmony Place in Malibu California JAVA
Virtual Tour of the Pasadena Show Case House JAVA
Educational Convention CUBIC panos JAVA

Panoramic image of Nui Bay in Thailand
Phat Cycles Bicycle
13 Cool bicycles photographed for PhatCycles in LA.
QTVR VR interactive image of Phat Cycles bicycle

Mayfly Rubberband Mini model - 90 frames 650k
This model airplane weighing about the same as 2 pennies, are photographed in 5 levels X 18 frames.
QTVR 650k - JAVA 550k - JAVA 395k

Model Airplane - 36 frame 290k
QTVR of a FunCraft™ model Ariplane.
QTVR VR interactive image of model airplane
Motorcycle Racer Helmet - 36 frames 450k
QTVR VR interactive image of motorcycle helmet

Stuffed Animal - 36 frames 330k
Disney's Lady from "Lady & the Tramp"

Boblbe-e Backpack
Movie of backpack by Sweedish manufacture
Boblbe-e™ - Suspended like if it was on a person.
QTVR 380k - JAVA 347k - JAVA 174k
QTVR VR interactive image of plastic backpack

Shampa International Motorcycle Garments Samples
Olympus E-10 Digital Camera

A few thoughts about using VR on your website
This kind of "VR" really can best be described as frame animation. It can be applied to your website using one of several technologies, including FLASH, QTVR, Hot Media, MGI Live Pictures, Zoomify and several others.
Click here for a more in depth
look at the variables.

Now available for sale
Light weight travle bracket for Spherical panorama photography with Nikon FC-E9 lenses.

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