Bo Lorentzen

Photographer & Computer Graphic Artist
Education: General Education
Elise Smith Skole, Århus, Denmark.
Graphic Arts & Printing Technology
Odense Tekniske Skole, Odense, Denmark.
Thunder Dragon 3 day Advanced Photoshop siminar in Monterey
Broadcast Location Camera Lighting
Volks Abildung (University), Frankfurt , Germany.
Computer Animation
Riverside Community College, Corona, California.
Special Abilities: Language: Comfortable speaking, reading and writing in Danish, Norwegian, English and German.
Broadcasting: SONY and Panasonic Broadcast equipment, BVE910. Extensive Location/Travel.
Photography: Extensive experience with Digital Photography using, Nikon D1, Nikon 501, Phase1, PanoScan, Kodak DSC 460, Kodak 620, along with naturally solid experience using the Nikon F4 and full range of lenses, 4x5 view cameras and related techniques.
Computer Graphics Software and Hardware:
MAC: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Freehand Illustrator, WebPainter animation software, Form-Z, Electric Image. Experienced using Kodak DXC8600 Dye Sub printer, film and flatbed scanners including Leaf scan. Apple QTVR Authoring Studio, PhotoVista, Hotmedia, Live Pictures.
PC: 3D MAX Animation Software. Adobe Photoshop,
Photoshop: Particular expereince in batch processing and optimizing actions for production enviroments, and automating process flows.
Internet: HTML, Adobe PageMill & SiteMill, Macromedia Dreamweaver. Experienced in optimizing images for fast download, animating GIF's and executing Web Page designs. Extensive expereince with compression techniques.
1997 - 2001

Senior VR-Photographer for eVox Productions.
Lead Photographer for the e-commerce department.
Photograph locations and objects for VR content. Create animated VR objects for the internet using most avaliable technologies.
1997 Director of photography for VR content for the Cadillac Web-created multilevel VR of the entire model line.
1999 Develop High Volume process for VR object photography for (This e-tailer is no longer operating)
2000 Develop High Volume Photography process for VR photography interior and exterior of cars.

1995-1997 Freelance Photographer and Computer Graphic Artist.
Photograph for local companies and newspapers; create and maintain web-sites on a freelance basis; provide SYSOP services for CompuServe's palm-top forum.
1995 - 1997 Digital Photo Editing - Osborne Production
Digital manipulation and retouch of photographs; create special effects; improve appearance of images using Adobe Photoshop.
1992 - current Freelance Photographer and Computer Graphic Artist.
1990 - 1992 Artist - Troy Lee Designs
Designed logo art and graphic designs for motorcycles and cars; developed airbrush painting techniques.
1986 - 1989 Broadcast Video Cameraman and Editor
TVN (Channel-2) TV-Norge
Filmed and edited local documentaries and commercials for Norwegian national coverage broadcast channel; created computer animation title sequences for broadcast. Part of the startup team.
1985 - 1986 Broadcast Production Editor - Studio RosenBorg
Edited videos for production house; Created commercials for clothing and related products; shot footage for commercials. Production on Video, 16mm and 35mm as required.
1983 - 1984 Video Cameraman and Video Editor - Video Workshop
Operated camera, editing and computer graphics equipment for broadcast production house in Oslo, Norway.
1982 - 1983 Cameraman, Editor and trainer - HDH TV Denmark.
Worked on Local TV station as Cameraman and Editor, responsible for training new staff.


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