Minolta Konica Z3 setup for Spherical Panorama photography using Nikon FC-E9 fisheye lens.

NOTE - I no longer make the matal bracket shown in this picture
the new improved wood design also work with the Minolta camera.


The Minolta Konica Z-3 turned out to be working beautifully behind the Nikon FC-E9 lens, I used a step down ring to go from the Minoltas 52mm lens tread to the Fisheye lens's 46mm tread, you can purchase this kind of ring in most local photo stores.

One little hickup turned out to be the flash hotshoe on top of the Minolta Z3 do not accept regular flash attachments. So my flash shoe bubble level did not mount to the camera. Solution were to hold it agains the base of the camera for leveling before the first shot.

Click here for spherical panoramas photographed with the Travel bracket or one of the test versions.

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